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During wintersession, HCAP invites over 100 students from our partner institutions to come attend the HCAP Winter Conference, hosted at Harvard. 
The foreign delegates reside in Harvard student housing and have an opportunity to experience undergraduate life at the university, allowing for a high degree of student-to-student interaction. Through academic sessions and speakers to Boston outings and museum excursions to HCAP Talent Show and Olympics, all attendees are immersed in an experience like no other.
Delegates will form professional networks, develop practical skills, and form lasting friendships and memories.
HCAP 2022
Adapting to a Changing World 
As the modern world faces pandemics, climate crises, and social tensions, the Harvard College in Asia Program will explore global efforts and initiatives in the HCAP 2021 Conference: Resilience & Reform. Through speakers, experiments, and case studies, we will examine the ways in which individuals and communities cope with the changes and challenges in our lives and learn about the importance of the roles we play in shaping the future.
JAN 17 - JAN 23
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